Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meditate And Become Not Just More Enlightened But More Creative?

An interesting press release from Psychological Science regarding meditation and creative imaging:

The Enhancement of Visuospatial Processing Efficiency Through Buddhist Deity Meditation
Maria Kozhevnikov, Olga Louchakova, Zoran Josipovic,
and Michael A. Motes
New evidence suggests meditating may do more for you than bring inner peace--it may also improve imagery skills. Accomplished meditation practitioners completed visuospatial rotation and memory tasks before and after meditating. Prior to meditating, all participants performed similarly on the tasks. Volunteers who then performed the tasks after utilizing the Deity Yoga meditation style (i.e., focusing intently on a mental image of a deity) performed much better on the tasks than did Open Presence practitioners (who did not focus on a specific image while meditating) and nonmeditating control participants. Although Deity Yoga meditation contributes to improvement in visuospatial processing abilities, future studies will need to assess if this effect also occurs with other visual meditation styles.

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