Thursday, February 5, 2009

How About Meditation Instead of Hypnotism for Young Ballers?

No steroids. No HGH. Just "you are getting sleepy."

A Kansas small school basketball power had its players get, as David Letterman would say, "Hip-mo-tized!" by a Church of Christ minister/family therapist. That title in and of itself is, well, unusual.

Here's the Kansas City Star's online headline and link: Kansas high school coach told to stop hypnotizing team

An excerpt:

"At the high school level, it's not appropriate. We are trying to get kids to understand who they are and what they are. It may give kids a mixed message if you can't do it on your own." (said St. John school superintendent James Kenworthy).

Kenworthy's comments are very Buddhist. I'd suggest meditation instead to help find their true nature--and better free throw shooting.

Apparently hypnotism isn't a banned substance in Kansas high school sports.
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