Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mindful Appreciation of an Unseasonable Day

Here in South Dakota, we are in the midst of our very long winter.

Last week, we had temperatures that were minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That's not windchill, that's actual air temperature.

My state was worse than a deep freeze.

So today in Sioux Falls, the temperature hit an unseasonable 40 degrees and was sunny.

To many of you across the USA and around the world, that's not all that warm. But in the middle of a Dakota winter, it is a rare and lovely gift.

It meant taking off your heaviest of coats.

It meant not struggling with boots and mittens.

It meant donning sunglasses and catching some rays, even if you were fully clothed.

It meant driving down the street in the car with my window open--just a bit--and fresh air blowing in.

Driving down the street with your window open doesn't sound like a big deal. But in January in South Dakota, it is gift.

While much of the rest of my day was extremely stressful--life as a general practice attorney--I was not unmindful of the small gift life had given me and my fellow Dakotans.


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Anonymous said...

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Note: I've been a Soto Buddhist householder for over 40 years. Studied under Suzuki at the Bush St. Zendo in San Francisco back in the 60's. Married by Soto Bishop at the Hewitt St. Zendo in L.A. Studied oriental philosophy and religion at graduate level, before shifting to law. Now retired from civil service to New Mexico where I write and paint.

I've forgotten my google password. Trying to keep track of them is a hassle.