Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kansas City Hates Buddha!

Ok, only one guy from Overland Park does.

As Tony's Kansas City notes, a guy from OP objects to a statue of Buddha at the Kansas City Zoo and compares it to a cross or a nativity scene on public property.

As the Kansas City Star reports:

David Engle said he felt a chill down his spine Sunday on a visit with his family to the Kansas City Zoo.

He could hardly believe it when he saw zoo visitors rubbing the heads and bellies of two large, smiling statues of Buddha at the entrance to the Tiger Trail area.

The lawyer in me understands that it might be close to the line.  But Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion--at least that's how I view it. 

The tension between church and state in America is an on-going--and I think--a healthy thing.

We all must be mindful about inflicting our views on others.  I'm not saying that KC Zoo Buddha (click to see photo on Flickr) does, but I can see how someone could be upset about it, rightly or wrongly.


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