Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things That Rock #2--Roll-on Aromatherapy

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You know what rocks?  Lip balm-sized bottles of roll-on aromatherapy.

No, I'm not some mushy brained New Ager.

But you know what, smell is very powerful.  Think of what smell triggers.  Baking bread?  Home.  Sweaty sweatpants?  High school gym class.  Perfume?  That certain special someone.  I could go on. 

I roll on some lavender under my nose before I go to sleep.  Very soothing.  And lights out, I'm sleeping.

Got a headache?  Roll on a little peppermint.  Stressed out?  Dab on some eucalyptus.

When I was in China as a mere lad, I did try some traditional Chinese medicine.  One of the things I loved was "Tiger Balm," which was basically camphor and eucalyptus.  Slather some on your temples and whatever ailed you was gone.  Ok, maybe not gone, but you felt better.  And people kept a safe social distance.

Roll-on aroma therapy tubes ROCK!

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