Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tales of Christmas: Happy Birthday, Eva Belle!

(The following is another in the series of Tales of Christmas from the South Dakota Watch family of blogs.  Enjoy!)

This Tale of Christmas is a little different as it is also about a birthday--My mother, Eva Belle James Epp, was born on Christmas Eve, well, sometime ago.  My mother is from the generation where women don't tell their age.

Let's just say my mom grew up in the Depression with eight other brothers and sisters.  Her dad died when she was only ten.  My Granny James raised a gaggle of kids on the Nebraska prairie near Tilden.  And my mom was a Christmas present.

She's lived through a car accident that should have killed her and made her a parapalegic.  She grew up poor and without a father for much of her childhood.  But she overcame.

She also had some brushes with greatness, like Baseball Hall of Famer Richie Ashburn who was in her high school class in Tilden.  And going to nearby Norfolk to see the great Big Bands of the World War II era and an up and coming wiseacre by the name of Johnny Carson.

I can't imagine having a birthday the day before Christmas and getting screwed over on presents all your life.  But Belle has overcome far more than that and led a good life of hard work, raising a family, and being an upstanding person.

Happy birthday, Ma!



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Unknown said...

What an inspiring story!
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!