Thursday, May 1, 2008

Which Is More Important?

Which is more important? Being or becoming? Seems to me that society puts too much emphasis on becoming, which can never be achieved versus being, which is something we can all be in the moment.

Talk amongst yourselves and discuss.


Chodpa said...

In some ways the Dharma only talks of 'becoming' because there is nothing there that abides, or is 'being' in the usual sense of the term.

And yet, nothing ultimately becomes either ... at the apparent or relative level, it seems as though there is arising, or becoming, yet at the ultimate, nothing can be found to become.

Of course, at the ultimate level, nothing can be found to 'be' either ...

interesting how certain terms from outside Dharma fit or not with how things appear and actually are ....

ShakuNi RenChi said...

A real, honest-to-Dalai High Plains Buddhist! So happy to know that you are here; now there are two of us! I moved to Sioux Falls from a progressive and growing Buddhist community ( in 2006 and had given up on finding a sangha here when I came across your blog. Spent my last year out west studying with a Rinzai/Jodo Shinshu master, who helped me develop a solid meditation practice. Would love to talk with you and learn more about developing a Buddhist community here. Please respond.

In Gassho,
Em (ShakuNi RenChi)

RealFakeNews said...


Got your message. Drop me a direct line at epplaw(at)gmail(dot)com. Love to meet up with you.