Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sleepwalking Through Life and Fighting for Mindfulness

If there is a downside to trying to be more mindful (or "enlightened," if you prefer), is the fact that as you become more mindful you discover how completely unmindful you really are.

The old adage of "ignorance is bliss" has some validity. If you are non-mindful, you don't really know you are not mindful. If you try to be mindful, you discover you really aren't very mindful.

I find this discovery to be slightly depressing.

As I've written previously about my story of the sign I thought said "blog" but was really "bldg," my days are filled with unmindfulness.

Yesterday I was meeting a friend at a bank to set up an account for a political action committee we're forming. I thought I knew where the bank was. I ended up driving around, not sure of what street it was on. I called my friend and got the address. When I got there, I indeed knew that that bank was there--I only drive by it twice a day to and from home to work.

Talk about feeling like an unmindful fool.

But the alternative, I suppose, is worse--sleepwalking through life. And that's not a very mindful way to live.

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