Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My World in a Drop of Water

There was a time in my young adulthood where I could not get enough travel.

I wanted to see the world, see the United States, see South Dakota.

And I did.

I've walked along the Great Wall of China.

I've touched the rock where Mohammad supposedly ascended to heaven at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

I've seen Buddhist monasteries carved into the sides of sheer mountains in Taiwan.

I've driven through the mountains of Panama.

I've stood on George Washington's head at Mt. Rushmore.

I've walked the streets of San Francisco at night.

I've swum in the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston, Texas.

I've canoed the Niobrara in Nebraska.

I've been to and done a lot of really interesting things in my life. I cherish them all.

But now, as I've hit my mid-40s--and now beyond--I can't stand to leave the Sioux Empire.


I mean, I will leave the Sioux Empire for business, family, sports, and necessity, but I hate to do it. Even a day trip to Brookings--a community I used to live in and still enjoy---I view as a chore.

I have become an absolute homebody. I don't like to leave Lincoln or Minnehaha Counties if I don't have to.

After 40 plus years of dreaming of traveling and traveling, I want to stay home with my family, my dogs, my yard, and my house.

Just as there is a whole world in a drop of water, there is a whole world in the Sioux Empire. There are sites and attractions I've never seen here.

There are stores and businesses and restaurants I've never frequented. There's history and culture to sample that is new to me.

There are people from all over the world here--and some I grew up with in Yankton or otherwise know--who I should meet or reintroduce myself to.

Plus, there is a whole lot of me and my own feelings, desires, and thoughts to explore.

I've got plenty--a job, a family, soccer, a documentary or two, blogs, friends, dogs--to keep me busy right here.

Maybe I'll get wunderlust again. But frankly, I hope not. I like this drop of water just fine.

Above: Photo from FreeDigitalPhotos.net, used under license.

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G said...

Hi Todd.
Yep, sounds like you've got plenty going on already that needs mindfulness to be fully appreciated. Staying in one place simply being awake to this moment, day by day, is a profound way to deepen one's Buddhist practice and allow the seeds of awareness to take root and grow into wisdom. I myself rarely venture from my home in Ubon, Thailand. Everything's here, if I remember to look.

Of course, if one does choose to travel, do that mindfully too, and it will be just the same as if one hadn't gone anywhere. (And in truth, one hasn't gone anywhere, and never will; one is always right here!)

Be well,
Gary at Forest Wisdom.