Monday, March 26, 2007

Thank You Cafe Philos!

The blogosphere is a rough and tumble place. There is usually more scorn than praise for others.

So imagine my delight when I read the following from Cafe Philos today in their post, The Thinking Blog Award:

An excerpt:

High Plains Buddhist is, more often than not, an account of Todd Epp's insightful application of Buddhist principles to his own life. That tends to make those principles fascinatingly concrete and fresh. We get to see the Buddhist way in action through Todd's eyes, and the result is great food for thought.

The authors talked about their favorite blogs that make them think.

I am greatly honored and humbled by their kind words and their recognition of what I am trying to accomplish with this blog--giving myself an outlet for processing the Buddhism I learn and helping others apply it in practical ways.

Thank you very, very much, Cafe Philos!

And in a subsequent post, I will "pay it forward" as the originator of this idea, The Thinking Blog, and name five other blogs that make me think.

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Paul Sunstone said...

Your very welcome! I love your blog, and I'm looking forward to your list of five other blogs that make you think.

Anonymous said...

If Dakota War College is one of your 5 blogs that make you think, I'm going to hurl.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a post I read a while ago and don't remember who blog was. I read a beautiful post about an American woman who was tracking in Tibet and came across a Buddhist monk.

The monk asked her what religion she was and she said she didn't follow any (atheist).

And the monk said: Ah! So you are a Buddhist...

And later she became an important female Buddhist in America.

Do you know this story or similar? Not sure if it is all correct.

I am really looking for it everywhere and cannot find it.

If you know please send me the link.

Many thanks

May you be happy, may you be well,

Angel (

Bernie Quigley said...

I enjoy your Buddhist blog. Like your comments from His Holiness RE democracy - Buddhism is the original "universal" idea claiming as Jefferson did that everyone can be enlightened. The Hindus and Gnostics did not believe this. Buddhism is most compatible with democracy. I am glad you like Texas. In my Buddhist blog, Quigley in Exile, I have an article about a vision by Salvador Dali of "the Second Coming of Christ" as a Buddhist monk on the Texas Plains. At

Anonymous said...

Are you done with this blog? Should I stop checking it?