Thursday, March 8, 2007

Behold the Power of Touch!

I don't know if there are any Buddha quotes or sutras about touch, but Buddha Todd here thinks touch is at least a first cousin to meditation.

Some Christian denominations believe in the power of the "laying of hands" to help heal, or, more religiously, help deliver the power of God.

I don't know about the channeling God part but I think they are on to something.

And I think it can be the human touch or animal touch.

We've all heard or read about the studies about people with dogs having lower blood pressure and less stress. Why is that? Besides a loyal companion, most dogs loved to be touched--petted--and we love to pet our dogs.

It is comforting, relaxing, serene. Sometimes, it seems like human and dog become one.

And obviously, human touch is important. Who doesn't love to stroke their wife's face--or have your face stoked? Who doesn't love a firm hug from a friend or relative? Who doesn't love the peace of cuddling with your loved one while watching TV? Even in sports, the pat on the butt or the back or the sweaty hugs at the end of the game or match convey if not love, appreciation and affirmation.

Heck, even Buddha Bruce Springsteen sings about the power of the "Human Touch." Are you going to doubt The Boss? Not me.

Behold the power of touch!

May we all be free of suffering. May we all be touched in ways that soothe and enrich us.

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Carol said...

In the last years of my father's life, he suffered greatly from Alzheimers disease. His situation was the worst - he was just enough aware of what was happening to him to be frightened and upset by it. As his disease progressed, he became increasingly withdrawn and distant from people. It became impossible to engage him in a conversation, to draw our the man who once loved to talk and debate and be with people. We had never been a 'touchy' family - but in the end, I found that touch was the most profound way I could demonstrate my love for him. Just to hold him as you would a child and say, 'it will be alright' was a revelation, and healing for both him and me. Your post made me think of this - thanks!

SteeeveB said...

Many touch therapies, shiatsu being the one I am most familiar with make use of the connection of touch to heal. All these practices talk of moving energy, chi, prana etc.. however in essence they all allow us to reconnect with loving kindness to the one thing we carry with us our entire lives, our bodies. From my own experience and being with other practitioners it appears obvious that the act of connecting with touch is supremely powerful. It's like we make the unity we feel in our hearts real as soon as we physically touch something, and the act of surrender to another's touch is like letting go of some of that dreadful armour we carry around with us, letting in some fresh air so our bodies can really heal.