Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Grape-Nuts and Not Itching the Itch that Could Kill You

grapenuts.jpgImportant safety tip, fellow babies: don’t cough with a mouthful of Grapenuts.

First, they spew everywhere. Think of spit wads the consistency of small rocks.

Second, they turn a tickle in your throat into a massive itch you just can’t scratch. Imagine small gravel in your gullet. MUST. SCRATCH. THROAT. IF. SCRATCH. THROAT. WILL. DIE!

It’s a problem—scratch it and choke yourself or don’t scratch it and choke with a mouth full of slightly soggy Grapenuts and milk. And spew.grapenuts bowl.jpg

Just thought I’d share this to warn others away from my suffering.

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Chica said...


I buy the generic "Publix" brand of Grape Nuts. They taste EXACTLY...cool! I like mine in strawberry yogurt mixed with bananas.

Anonymous said...

Tell your mummy
To fill your tummy
With Grapenuts.
Of all the dishes
The most delicious
Is Grapenuts.