Monday, January 15, 2007

And the Most "Enlightened" City in South Dakota Is. . . Pierre?

I discovered an interesting thing while looking at my blog statistic on Google Analytics.

In what South Dakota city is this blog most popular?


Yes, Pierre.

I figured it would be Sioux Falls, the self-described center of South Dakota. Or maybe funky Vermillion the Berkeley of South Dakota. But stodgy old Pierre?

Go figure. But they apparently are seekers of enlightenment.

There were also a number of smaller communities as well.

Again, one finds the Buddha in many places. And in may places, big and small, people are seeking the Buddha--and enlightenment.

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Anonymous said...

Is there something in Lennox that would explain 2nd place in this stat? Hmmmmm.... interesting.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would make more sense from the perspective that in Peirre we have less variability of options. This is particulary evident, I believe, in terms things that support personal maturation beyond a given level of ego-development (as seen through the lense of SDi, Lovenger's work, Torbert, Wilber's Intergal theory, etc.) When all that is offered is meat, the craving for bread is bound to rise. ;-)
Rock on, dude.