Saturday, December 23, 2006

On a "Silent Night," Buddha Meets Baby Jesus

Last Sunday morning, I awoke to music.

The simple strains of “Silent Night” wafted down the hall and into my bedroom.

The old Christmas standard was performed simply, elegantly, on a piano.

Still half asleep, I wondered if my wife Donna had turned the stereo to SD Public Radio or some other station playing Christmas music.

I have sung “Silent Night” as a kid in Christmas programs, as a teenager in German in my high school German club, and as an adult in church.

“Silent Night” continued—softly, elegantly, tenderly.

I was in a reverie. My delight was made all the more so when I discovered that the performer was not the radio but Donna. She seldom plays the piano. I wished she played more.

It was one of life’s transcendent moments, a moment when the Buddha within met the Baby Jesus anew.

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