Monday, December 4, 2006

A Buddhist Blogging Boggler

One of the precepts of Buddhism is to give up wanting and desire as they lead, ultimately, to suffering.

Query: Is wanting people to come to your blog on Buddhism egoism?

What is the sound of a blog no one reads? One hand clapping?

Perhaps he answer comes from the movie "Field of Dreams": If you build it they will come.


The Geezers said...

I subscribe to the "if you blog, they will come" camp.

And in my experience, the best way to generate traffic is to visit other sites and comment there.

There are too few people blogging on spiritual matters, so I hope you'll continue.

I concur with the way you handled the situation with your daughter. Given an unhappy circumstance, there are three possible responses.

1. Change the situation
2. Change your attitude about the situation
3. Continue to be unhappy.

Choice #2 is quite often the most logical approach, especially when the "situation" involves someone else's actions or beliefs.

They call him James Ure said...

I agree with the, "If you build it they will come." As well as commenting on other blogs.

Buddhist blogging really is like an online Sangha. A community of interaction. It's such a great gift for those of us that are hermits or far away from a physical Sangha.

Also, I feel that desire is not bad in and of itself. However, it is the attachment and clinging to that desire that brings in the suffering.

iDharma said...

Hi Todd. Happy (re)birthday!

I like your blog. I too grew up on the Great Plains (outside of Denver, Colo.) but am in exile in central Florida.

Yay, another Buddhist lawyer with a blog!

I'll be checking your blog often.

Check out mine ;-)


dragonflyfilly said...

i agree, and add: If you Post, they will Read, but they may not necessarily Comment.


dragonflyfilly said...

p.s. and if they do that's nice, but if they don't, well, that is ok too. The Universer IS unfolding as it should, and that is all that really matters.