Friday, December 8, 2006

Buddha and Todd: Celebrating The Day of our Births

Besides sharing ample bellies, the Buddha and I share a date--December 8.

On this date, a long, long time ago, Buddha found enlightenment.
Read: Happy Bodhi Day!!--[The Buddhist Blog]

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha. Today we celebrate and honor The Buddha and our Buddha within in celebrating Shakyamuni the Buddha's Englightenment. May we use this day (and weekend) to do something charitable. ~Peace to all beings~
And to learn more about how Bodhi Day is celebrated in Japan and the USA:


An on this date, in a small community hospital in Tilden, Nebraska, around 8:30 a.m., my mother gave birth to me, her one and only child.

For me, nearly 50 years ago, it was my physical birth. For the Buddha, it was the birth of his enlightenment.

The Buddha's birth and birth of enlightenment has had much more impact on the world than I'll ever have. And my path to enlightenment is just beginning.

But still, it's nice to share something with the Buddha besides girth.


They call him James Ure said...

You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for the link and write up. Happy belated birthday or as Thay says, "Happy continuation day." :)

I am going to link to you if you don't mind.

I bow to the Buddha within you brother.

The Geezers said...

Happy birthday.

I, too, share the "girth" similarilty, but alas, no common birthday for me.

I agree with your earlier comment about desire and aversion not being inherently problematic. I have a desire for enlightenment, and an aversion to being burned by fire—so in and of themselves, these can't be wrong drives.

You're right, I think, that the problem comes in the clinging and grasping.

Surrender seems to me to be the answer to many things.