Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankfulness and Buddhism on Thanksgiving

I found these thoughts on thankfulness and Buddhism on Risso Kosei-Kai, which I thought was appropriate on Thanksgiving.

Appreciate Even Small Things

People who are thankful for each day of life and for nature’s blessings can also feel happiness in little things.

For example, they are thankful for the morning greetings they exchange with family members. They are thankful for their husbands going to work and their children going to school. Blooming flowers of the season and frolicking pets cause them to feel thankful.

We could say that human happiness or unhappiness is something that is determined by what each person carries in his or her heart.

To thankfully eat a meal and clear away the dishes, to answer cheerfully when addressed by someone--real happiness consists of such elements of everyday life that we usually take for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Buddhism teaches you that the goal of life is not *just* to reach the top of the mountain, but to be happy every step along the way. If life is ALL about getting to the top, you're not living a very enlightened life. But if you have the same frame of mind at the start, the middle, and at the end, you're doing ok.

The goal is to have the top of the mountain mentality even at the bottom.

Ironically, it has been my experience that this kind of mentality actually makes it easier to accomplish your goals.